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Importance of Accountability in Health care Essay Example

Importance of Accountability in Health care Essay Example Importance of Accountability in Health care Paper Importance of Accountability in Health care Paper The accountability concept in health care industry includes three essential components namely the loci of accountability, its domains and procedures. Additionally, the loci of accountability in the health care industry may consist of different parties which may be held responsible or hold others responsible. In the accountability domains, parties may also be held answerable for various activities like capability, ethical and legal conduct, financial feat, community benefit, promotion of public health and access adequacy (Emanuel Emanuel, 1996, pp. 229-239). Accountability procedures entail both formal and informal procedures geared towards assessing compliance and distribution of the compliance and reaction by the parties in charge of accountability. Therefore accountability in health care entails individuals responsible for various activities and who answer or justify for their actions based on specific questions of interest that may be raised by concerned parties (Emanuel Emanuel, 1996, pp. 229-239). Accountability: is it important? Accountability ensures a high quality health care which is readily available at an affordable cost and without long waits. Many individual patients as a result will also feel that their health care needs are met despite the patients’ socio economic status. Moreover, other services like cross discipline coordination, proactive management, risk management, long term quality care and preventive care may also be improved on as a result of accountability (American College of Physicians, 2008, pp. 55-75). Additionally, accountability is important in an organization as it equips a health organization with personal and professional resources which can be used to respond to internal and external needs. Subsequently, this helps in ensuring mutual support and promotes growth and learning of staff members. With a good management in place, a good working environment and is enhanced and which leads to satisfaction of patients as well as staff members. Attention to security is enhanced as well as ensuring well management of predictable risk and crisis within the health care organization (Grandi Rubinelli, pp. 1-8). Measuring employee accountability in the health care industry Measurement of employee accountability and performance has become gradually popular in the health care system as a result of the gradual expansion in the health care industry. As a result, employee performance is in most cases measured is assessed and reported publicly. This performance can be measured by use of hospital plan report cards as well as employee profiles where a consistent set of performance measures are used for guidance in the evaluation and measuring process (Ullman Spoeri, 1997, pp. 726-732). Additionally, employee accountability can also be measured through conducting a member satisfaction survey where satisfaction ratings may be used to ensure objectivity and comparability of the performance. What is more, accountability may also be done by enforcing professional standards through consultations, case reviews, hospital privileges reviews among others (Ullman Spoeri, 1997, pp. 726-732). As well, employee answerability may also be measured through pay for performance and which will target the performance, quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction (Rowe, 2006, pp. 695-696). Checks and balance process in a successful organization In a successful organization, a checks and balance process first eliminates all the unnecessary middlemen in the healthcare delivery line such that the healthcare services are maintained at low rates while the patient-physician relationship is also maintained. This implies that in a successful organization, the regulations laid down by the government agencies as well as insurance companies are usually reviewed and streamlined. What is more, a checks and balances system in a successful organization regulates its own activities exclusively with minimal intrusion from government agencies and without facilitation from insurance companies (Bolte, 2008). How accountability affects an organization’s working culture Accountability tends to affect the working culture of an organization by promoting humanity, the principles of dignity, promoting a good corporate image and creating awareness of a staff member doing his work. Moreover, accountability affects relations of all individuals within the organization by ensuring that they work as a team where other factors like mutual support, growth and learning is also enhanced. As a result of enhanced relations, a good working environment is promoted which leads to an enjoyment in give-and-take relationships within staff to staff and staff to community (Grandi Rubinelli, 2008, pp. 1-8). Maintaining a positive working culture and avoid a working culture of blame A working culture involves a specific way of life during a work day by following certain norms and standards of a company. A positive working culture can be maintained by acknowledging people’s accomplishments through rewards, tolerance for risk and change, ensuring that all individuals operate within their areas of responsibility in an organization. A positive working culture may also be maintained through emotional support of the staff, through mutual accountability, interpersonal communication and sociability and open opportunities for growth to all staff members (Evan Carmichael, 2008). A working culture of blame can be avoided by examining ones vulnerability to blame which subsequently helps in analyzing the areas of blame that may lead to a rise in predictable crises. Blame occurs where management is negligent or uncaring. Despite being at fault, one needs to be ready to diffuse and minimize their potential of blame as the blame may have devastating consequences to the company. Blame can also be avoided by doing the right thing and handling crisis management well (Blythe, 2003).

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Strategic managemet practices within Construction Industry Essay

Strategic managemet practices within Construction Industry - Essay Example The changing business scenario calls for change in ways of doing business. Strategic management is one of the most vital aspects of a business firm. In order to ensure sustainable growth and development of the business firm, the transformation of the inculcated strategies have become indispensable. The spectrum of the subject of strategic management is too broad and the research scholars have often debated over the definitions and the implications of the discipline. This essay encapsulates the various schools of thoughts in the domain of strategic management and tries to integrate the literature with the real estate industry of Dubai to find out the implications. The success of any business largely depends upon the effective formulation and implementation of strategy. In the ancient times, the word ‘strategy’ was used in the battles. According to the renowned management scholar Henry Mintzberg, the complex process of strategy could be broadly classified into ten schools of thoughts. The different approaches to strategy are as follows: The Designing School – The designing school of strategy is one of the oldest schools of thought in the domain of strategy formulation and implementation. It basically takes into consideration the internal factors and the external environments of the business. SWOT analysis is one of the widely used strategy tool according to this school of thought. The basic model commences with the external and the internal appraisals and then focuses upon the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization along with the opportunities and threats of the environment. The strengths and the weaknesses yield to distinctive competitiveness while the key success factors can be arrived from the opportunities and the threats. The key success factors and the distinctive competitiveness along with managerial values and social

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2 Minute Monologue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2 Minute Monologue - Essay Example Ultimately, this is not a simple t The first and most obvious step when preparing something in the kitchen is to ensure that all of the correct ingredients are on hand. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that all baking utensils, pots, pans, mixing bowls, spoons, and other measurement instruments are also washed and ready for use (Peterson, 2006). Secondly, following the instructions and/or ingredient lists that are provided within the recipe is vital. Careful attention to detail at each and every stage can yield a far better cake than can merely quickly reading over the instructions and attempting to cut steps out at any one stage as a function of saving time. Thirdly, it must also be understood that the baking process itself is something of an art form and can differ from oven into oven. For instance, if the instructions specify a particular temperature, the results might be far different than one of them then they would be in another; even if these ovens are identical and even manufactured by the same brand. In s uch a way, approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to the specified time being over, it is necessary for the baker/cook to test the product to ensure that uniformity of texture and mass is achieved. Oftentimes, if this is noted prior to the full time elapsed, it is necessary to remove the baked product immediately. Comparatively, if this is not noticed even after the recipe time has elapsed, it will be necessary to leave the product in the oven to bake for an even longer period of time. In short, what has been defined is a labor-intensive process involves both attention to detail and constant conscientiousness in order for a superior product to be created. Ultimately, this is not a simple process; even though it may appear as somewhat simple. It is precisely these determinants, as well as the unique tools required, which helps to separate the part-time/casual baker from

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French Philosophers Essay Example for Free

French Philosophers Essay MONTAIGNE Montaigne is both a literary writer and a philosopher a humanist. Montaigne’s essays: cover a loto f topics without claiming to provide a definitive or an absolute truth about these topics: â€Å"We have no communication with being†, Essays, II, 12 The Problem of Truth Being is not accessible for a finite being as we (men) are. Senses or reason are not criteria of truth. Sense is no criteria since its always changing and reason is no criteria also because we only have access to appeareances, which also change. Things are always changing. They are in a perpetual movement : The only â€Å"thing† we are directly in relation with is ourselves. The â€Å"I† is constantly changing, is in a perpetual movement and it is not self-centred or an egocentric character it is the first step to explore the whole world. He is emblematic of the rebirth of SCEPTICISM. Scepticism is the position that says that it is impossible to know anything because all the propositions are equal. For skeptics there’s no criteria for thruth. 3 Main Principles A) Epoche = â€Å"suspending judgement† when you are not sure of what you are saying. The Greek word epoche means to check, cease, suspend, stop, or pause in some activity that otherwise or normally occurs. The sceptic suspends his judgment for default of a good reason for exercising it. The dogmatist asserts that something is true. B) Relativism = all points of view are equally valid. C) Isosthenia = the equality of strength of two opposing arguments. Sceptism is more a process than a result, is more a methodology. Descartes Dogmatism, Rationalism and Dualism 1. Dogmatism comes from the greek word â€Å"dogma†(opinion or belief) Common and pejorative sense: the tendency to lay down principles as undeniably true, without consideration of evidence or the opinion of others. Philosophical meaning: doctrine that asserts that man is able to get to the  truth or, in other words, that man is able to attain absolute truths and certainty of knowing (Opposite of Skepticism). Descartes is dogmatic since he believes that we can get to absolute certainty, what he calls evidence or clear perceptions(intelectual perception, the one you can get through the eyes of mind, not the eyes of body). We can reach the truth. Reason is unique and ultimate source of truth. 2.Rationalism: REASON versus senses. Reason is the chief source and test of knowledge. Rationalism is based on deduction (versus induction). ln that sense, it is opposed to empiricism: the theory of knowledge which states that knowledge comes only or primarily from sensory experience Knowledge is an activity of our mind that applies itself to identify the figures and the properties that essentially constitutes one thing (Text 3 Wax argument) Dream argument: ln our dreams our sensations are sometimes so strong that everything is going as if we were awake (whereas in fact we are not) Our senses are deceitful: we can’t trust them ; only reason can be trusted Wax argument: Knowledge ≠  observing its empirical qualities. Knowledge is an activity of our mind that applies itself to identify the figures and the properties that essentially constitute one thing. Cogito, ergo sum: essential link between thought and humanity.Thinking is the only proof of my existence and it is also my essence; both are simultaneous. I prove my existence by my essence (versus accidental qualities). Moreover, thinking is a property that only men possess.ïÆ'   animals are not able to think and that’s also why they are not able to speak (text 5). 3. Dualism: In philosophy of mind, dualism is a view about the relationship between mind and matter which claims that mind and matter are two ontologically separate categories. It is opposed to monism: philosophical view according to which everything can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance. â€Å"I am not only lodged in my body as a pilot in a vessel† This sentence shows that Descartes also tries to think the union and the connection of mind and body in the human being that we are Rousseau (Enlightment) Rousseau has a contractualist or contractarian approach of society: he conceives it as an invention or as an artifice. Legitimate authority of government must derive from the consent of the governed ïÆ'  Society doesn’t exist by nature. contractualism is opposed to naturalism, The state of nature: the one that exists before the invention of society. Rousseau does not think that this state really existed. It is methodological: the state of nature aims to understand and to evaluate the civil state we are actually living in. Why is the state of nature so good? State of nature is defined by pity and self-loved. Considers that man in the state of nature are not leaving together and are independent. According to Rousseau, the state of nature is a state of self-sufficiency in which every man is equal. On the contrary, civil state introduces: property, inequality, love of self That’s why it is a perversion and a degradation of our natural condition Different from Hobbes: Hobbes argues that all humans are by nature equal in faculties of body and mind. From this equality, everyone is naturally in competition with one another (copiar resto) Love of self: always comparing yourself to the other and trying to see what you can do to be better†¨ Self Love: you always give your 100% He is not saying we should return to the state of nature. He considers the  state of nature as a moral value in order to evaluate society. Human Nature 2 essential properties: 1) PERFECTIBILITY or faculty of improvement (Text 2) Perfectibility draws men out of this original condition and gives him adaptability. At the same time, perfectibility is responsible for the evill. 2) FREEDOM (Text 1). Nature and instinct (beast) are here opposed to freedom. Nature and instinct are here opposed to freedom. Dog cant go against his instinct, if he is hungry for example. freedom is the equivalent of what we call â€Å"autonomy† If society perverts humankind, but if, at the same time, man doesn’t have to return to a state of nature, this is because his essential properties (freedom and perfectibility) imply to divorce from nature Difference of DEGREE between men and beast. Men, like animals, are also able to form ideas but they are more complex than the ones animals could form. There is a difference in terms of nature since men are free and animals follow their instinct. Freedom is the ability of choice. We are able to determine ourselves to act and not to be passive in front of each situation. Freedom is the equivalent to what we call autonomy 4. The Social Contract This legitimate political authority comes from a social contract agreed upon by all citizens for their mutual preservation. (1) The collective grouping of all citizens = the â€Å"sovereign† (it is like an individual person). As the sovereign entirely proceeds from our will: â€Å"each man, in giving himself to all, gives himself to nobody† (text 4). Obeying the contract coincides with obeying ourselves and that’s precisely what Rousseau calls  « autonomy  » The concept of â€Å"general will† End of Text 4 The general will is the common interest. Even if it proceeds from the particular wills of every citizens, it is more than the collection of particular wills The general will finds its clearest expression in the general and abstract laws of the state

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Computer Simulations of Physics :: Physics, Computers, Applications, Technologies

Computer simulations are used very much in physics. Simple ones are used to do demonstrations of basic mechanics problems that would not normally be possible. Complex ones are used to simulate problems involving fluids, plasma, and turbulence. Some of these simulations are so complicated that entire installations are dedicated to them. There are many different applications of physics simulations. Almost all things in physics can be demonstrated. However, many of these things are much more fesable to simulate rather than to a physical demosntration. Many mechanics problems fall into this category. While bringing a pool table into the classroom is nearly impossible, running a computer program that simulates balls on a pool table is no problem. Also, with a computer program it is possible to simulate ideal situations, with frictionless surfaces, massless wires, and no air drag. Computer simulations also let us examine situations that are unlikely, but still demonstrate the basic laws of mechanics. Very often, computers are used to simulate complex systems in physics. Two systems that computers are very often used in studying are plasma and turbulence. Computer simulations are used extensivley, if not almost exclusively. Many plasma simulations such as those shown above are simulations of plasma in a Tokomak, a fusion reactor. They are simulated because large amounts of computer time are still cheaper than building a working reactor. Turbulence Computers are also used for numerical analysis of turbulent flows in fluids. Often, a point-by-point substiitution into the Navier-Stokes Equations (below) will be used. Most simulation of physics is done solely for research.

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Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc Essay

Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc. is a company that produces unique and high quality porcelain products mainly focusing on birds, flowers, and wildlife. The objective of the company is to raise awareness of Mr. Boehm’s artist talent, create appreciation and protection for threatened and vanishing species. Meanwhile, Mr. Boehm wants to build a business that could make them wealthy. There are two main problems facing by the company. First, the process of making these porcelain products is complicated and required elaborate technical skills, the company does not have enough skilled staffs and producing power to meet the demand from the market. Second, the company lacks of enough distribution channels to raise awareness of its brand and the uniqueness of its products. At the current stage, the company has three series of porcelain in its product lines, which are priced from $100 to over $20,000. Each piece of porcelain sculpture requires a 52-step process. Some of products are sold out for years in advance, and it is difficult to anticipate which pieces might achieve this distinction. In addition, the company has only one distributor, Minton China, to distribute its products to some 175 retail outlets in the United States. The company can try to reduce costs by using other materials at a lower cost, developing a faster production process, but the bottom line is since the most competitive advantage of the company is the uniqueness and high quality of the product, the company should preserve its quality instead of using cheaper materials or faster production time that may violates the value of its products. In order to continue the business in the long run, the company should adapt the following changes. First, the company should hire more staffs and train them to produce the products in order to increase production of lower priced products. Meanwhile, it should find more distributors to raise awareness of the company, and supply them only with the lower priced products. Second, the company can open its own local stores that provide medium and high price range products. In addition, as for the most valuable piece, the company should put it on auctions that mainly focus on customers like museums and private collectors. Case 2 – Edward Marshall Boehm, Inc. 1. Analyze the firms goals and objectives Goal: Make the world aware of Mr. Boehm’s artistic talent, to help world wildlife causes by creating appreciation and protection for threatened species, and to build a continuing business that could make them comfortably wealthy, perhaps millionaires. No one goal has grater precedence over the others. Strategic objective: The case does not tell a lot about strategic objectives that are specific and cover a well-defined time frame. 2. Analyze the external environment The case does not talk a lot about the external environment, but it could be very useful for Boehm to make an analyze of the general environment (demographic, sociocultural, political/legal, technological, economic and global.). Also the competitive environment is very important. That kind of information will give them a better opportunity to make a good firm strategy. 3. Analyze the internal environment What is adding value to the firm?: The company’s big knowledge about have to make porcelain that is very technical as well as artistic challenge to make. 4. Assess the firms intellectual assets Human Capital: Edward Marshall Boehm is the man behind the porcelain. He has the knowledge to make it and the love to the nature which inspires him in his work. This and the special hard paste porcelain make the company unique and give the company a big competitive advantage. The company should be aware of not only having tacit knowledge where Edward Marshall Boehm have all the knowledge but instead share the knowledge in the company. 5. Analyze the business level strategy Competitive strategy: The company follows the competitive strategy called focus (differentiation) because they sell to a particular segment only and not the whole industry. They are also selling a unique product.

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The Battle of Conformity Essays - 1017 Words

The Battle of Conformity In literature, there are four main types of conflicts: man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society and, the toughest one of them all, man vs. himself. In the novels The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, both of the main characters have large conflicts with themselves. They battle with their conscience to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. â€Å"So [they] beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past† (Fitzgerald 189). I see this battle every day in the high school world. There is always someone who breaks under peer pressure even though that person knows it is wrong. It’s the battle of conformity. The narrator of The Kite Runner, Amir,†¦show more content†¦He impressed his father when he was little by kite fighting, but when he grew older he stopped conforming and focused on his true passion: writing. Even though he had been a victim of conformity, he was able to stand u p for himself and take a hold of what he wanted to do in life. This shows that even if peer pressure dominates a person’s life, they can still turn things around and head in the right direction. While Amir struggles with conforming to Baba, Nick, the main character in Fitzgerald’s well-known novel, The Great Gatsby, struggles with conforming to society. He finds it hard to do what is right when everyone around him is stuck in the muck of immorality. He is submerged into this world of drunken parties and promiscuous spouses; he doesn’t know what to do. Throughout the book, Nick observes and participates in illegal alcohol consumption at the many parties he attends. He realizes that it is all wrong and he should stop it, but he decides it would be better to simply fit in. Nick also witnesses his friend, Tom, cheat on his wife, Daisy, and later on in the novel Daisy turns around and cheats on Tom. He doesn’t know whether to intervene or to just let it play itself out like a day-time soap opera. This is one of the main conflicts he deals with throughout the book and plays a large role in his personality. He is willing to conform toShow MoreRelatedEssay on Co nformity and Rebellion834 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Lead or Follow† Should I conform? Should I rebel? This has and always will be, a constant battle struggled individually, or as a society. A certain amount of conformity needs to exist in life in order to avoid disorder. This is the reason we have laws. Take those laws, rules, control, or even expectations, to an extreme, and some form of rebellion is probable. Struggle with these opposites, and you have a catalyst for war, or perhaps, being fired from a job. Literature represents life, andRead MoreEssay on The Importance of Freedom569 Words   |  3 Pagesillustrate to us the hardships and rigorous tasks undertaken to give us our freedom. At a time many of our forefathers took up arms and faced the forces of oppression for our freedom. They entered battles in which they were victorious and prevailed over oppression. They entered battles that went horribly awry and were defeated. However, their actions are not another blank page in a book. Their actions have been inked, remembered, and praised. For instance, the Iraqi insurgencyRead More Babbit by Sinclair Lewis Essays1737 Words   |  7 Pages Babbitt: Conformity In the Sinclair Lewis novel Babbitt, the character of Babbitt is completely controlled by the power of conformity. Conformity is so powerful that even after babbitt realizes the stifling nature of the society in which he lives he is powerless to change his fate as a member of conformist society. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;George F. Babbitt is a man who is completely controlled by the conformist society in which he lives. Pressure to conform lies in all aspects of BabbittsRead MoreEssay On Chris Mccandless969 Words   |  4 Pagesan individual’s purpose is to be unique and to avoid being conformed by civilization. Ralph Waldo Emerson views a persons purpose as to not conform, however he advises to be well versed in a vast majority of areas, both of these authors view non-conformity as the most important trait a person may have and view civilization as evil. Chris McCandless was a young man who desired an adventurous and exciting life, not to be held down from civilization’s restraints and social norms. In addition, ChrisRead MoreSocial Loafing And Conformity Within Teams746 Words   |  3 Pagesteams have a list of negatives also associated with them. A few examples are general dysfunction and disagreement, longer decision-making processes, and social loafing (Fischer, 2012). This paper will address the presence of social loafing and conformity within teams. The Problem Statement: Young Life Volunteer Team Young Life (YL) is a Christian, nondenominational organization that shares the gospel with students of all ages (high school, middle school, college aged, teen moms, andRead MoreThe Invisible Man Essay1026 Words   |  5 Pagesaround them in order to be accepted, however it is the individual actions and how the individual chooses to conform that creates their unique identity and place within that society. Ralph Ellison published the novel that follows a sense of outward conformity and obedience to an established order while at the same time invoking an inward questioning of the roles an individual plays within such an order. The main character is forced to conform to the clichà © laws and expectations of the laws and expectationsRead MoreTranscendentalism In Peter Weirs Dead Poet Society1017 Words   |  5 PagesTranscendentalism is artistic movement that values inspiration and individuality, it focuses on shying away from societal conformity, valuing intuition instead of reason and logic. The Dead Poets Society follows the lives of seven high schoolers and their English teacher, Mr. Keating, while they battle the social conformity expected within their prestigious school, versus expressing their individuality and true feelings. With the help of their teacher, Knox and Neil learn to think differently andRead MoreCharacteristics Of The American Dream1166 Words   |  5 Pagesdismays of communism still new in everybodys brain, Americans were anxious to come back to their foundations and demonstrate that the American lifestyle was the ideal approach to living. The period momentously merits its reputation as a decade of conformity, political consensus and economic prosperity. However, the hypocritical pattern of racial discrimination continued and millions of minorities were reduced to low paying labor intensive jobs no one else wanted to do. Post war economic prosperityRead MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Conformyit1528 Words   |  7 PagesThe advantages and disadvantages of conformity. The New Zealand Oxford dictionary defines conformity as accordance with established practise and agreement suitability. Conformity comes with many advantages and disadvantages. Conformity exists so people don’t feel left out. It also comes with many dangers such as losing your logic and forgetting whether what you’re doing is good or bad. An advantage of conformity is feeling that you’re not alone. You feel accepted and a part of a group where willRead MoreThe Idea Of Conformity Vs. Non Conformity Emerges1601 Words   |  7 Pages The idea of conformity vs. non-conformity emerges in the American issue for generations as the opposing views on this concept exemplify diverse consequences in choosing which path to follow. In the genre of one’s journey west toward self-discovery, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, written in April 1951 illustrates the journey of him and his friend’s across America in the post war beat generation, as they counteracted the societal norms of that time in order to discover his own true individuality.